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Lord of the Rings Online rare crafting component list

This is a list of crafting components required by rare recipes. The components drop from named creatures so the purpose of the table below is to document the location of the individual creature that drops each component. There is a second table below that lists recipes and the components they require.

Page design and recipe list compiled by Hellis (US Beta)

Creature location information was compiled by Fizen Dirtnap (Euro Beta) with the aid of the Euro Testers

Feel free to email fizen at barkwillow@hotmail.com to update list

Notes: E = elite, EM = elite master, and S = signature.


BirzritSpiderEred Luin 
On the path to the pond west of the ruins with all the spidersBirzrit's Mandible
Sagrurz      Sagrurz's Tooth
Gnashmaw      Gnashmaw's Tongue
Gloom-Gaze15BatBreelands34.9S, 58.1W
Old ForestGloom-Gaze's Fang
Wildthorn17EHuornOld Forest34.2S, 57.6W
Forlorn Glade, south of Tom Bombadil's houseWildthorn's Bark
Eitor-kalsak18ESpiderOld Forest 
Roams The Weaver's DenEitor-kalsak's Mandible
Sawtooth18SWolfLonelands28.6S, 41.6W
Spawns in Den near Weatherway bridgeSawtooth's Tooth
Barrow Downs, far south by the elite treesBlackclaw's Claw
Asht20WargLone Lands35.3S, 39.0W
In Minas Eriol (the area with Arnorian Rubble)Asht's Tooth
Ironhide20EBoarLonelands28.9S, 36.8W
Echad Sul, hill north of WeathertopTuft of IronHide's Fur
Trampletusk21SAurochNorth Downs12.0S 45.2W
South of Gatson's FarmRiver Maiden's Thread
Thaukoth24EWargNorth Downs8.3S, 49.5W
Annundir near the Burial MoundsThaukoth's Tail
Kraur26SWargLone Lands32.8S, 26.3W
Near Haragmar and the East-West RoadKraur's Paw
Khurshat27EWargNorth Downs11.3S, 43.5W
South of Esteldin near The SnaresKhurshat's Tooth
Skulkmire28SBog-lurkerNorth Downs15.4S, 43.2W
Meluinen south of the Orc camp at MerenostSkulkmire's Moss
Darkheart31EMHuornLone Lands 
Agamaur north of the undead areaDarkheart's Black Heart
Patrols the High MoorWindscreamer's Claw
Raugzok33EWargNorth Downs14.7S, 37.7W
Roams the east side of Dol DinenRaugzok's Ear
Grish33EWargNorth Downs 
Dol Dinen south of the binding stonesGrish's Tail
Bleakwind33EMDrakeNorth Downs6.5S 41.0W
Nain Amlug west at the "w" on the mapBleakwind's Tongue
Nurzum33SWargNorth Downs12.1S, 37.0W
East of Esteldin on the road south into Dol DinenNurzom's Tail
Silverclaw35EWildcatNorth Downs8.2S, 45.4W
S of Othrikar near the wildcat lairSilverclaw's Claw
Drauglad, wolf den south of the roadKarnasht's Tooth
Steelmaw39EBearTrollshaws30.3S, 16.3W
Western edge of the forest north of ThorenhadSteelmaw's Paw
Driftmane41LynxMisty Mountains 
Stealthed. NE of Gloin's camp and east of Cirith ImladrisDriftmane's Fang
Umling42ESpiderTrollshaws  Trap Door ruins at the north end of the WovenvalesUmling's Mandible
Kindle-Maw43EMDrakeMisty Mountains  On the slopes above the western half of Caldwells Pool 
HoarTusk46EMMammothMisty Mountains 
 Hoartusk's Horn
Skybreaker48EMDrakeAngmar  Under the Th in Maethad 
Snowback49ESnowbeastMisty Mountians20.4S 2.3W
In the open field South of Helegrod raid instance (roughly west of the instance for Book 5 Chapter 8)Snowback's Claw
Colnor52EMDrakeAngmar8.0N, 24.0W
In the valley on the right of the road to Minas Caul (Nan Gurth, E Angmar)Colnor's Scale
Moss-back~28EBog-lurkerLone Lands 
Roams Haragmar east of Ost GuruthGreen Moss

Trade Professions

Info gathered by Battlehawke and the USA LOTRO Beta Community.


Item NameRare componentTier
Engraved Beryl RingArtisan
Engraved Bloodstone RingBlackclaw's clawJourneyman
Engraved Opal NecklaceSawtooth's toothJourneyman
Engraved Ruby RingDarkheart's Black HeartJourneyman
Engraved Sapphire NecklaceSilverclaw's ClawJourneyman
Glittering Misty Mountains Silver RingArtisan
Glittering Platium NecklaceExpert
Polished Adamant RingWindscreamer's Claw
Polished Ruby RingDarkheart's Black Heart
Polished Sapphire NecklaceSilverclaw's Claw


Item NameRare componentTier
Forged-Crafted ArmourSawtooth's ToothJourneyman
Forged-Crafted BootsTuft of Ironhide's FurJourneyman
Forged-Crafted GlovesBlackclaw's ClawJourneyman
Forged-Crafted HelmEitor-Kalsak's MandibleJourneyman
Forged-Crafted Large ShieldAsht's ToothJourneyman
Forged-Crafted LeggingsSawtooth's ToothJourneyman
Forged-Crafted Small ShieldAsht's ToothJourneyman
Polished Ancient Large ShieldColnor's ScaleMaster
Strong Gondorian ArmourGrish's TailExpert
Strong Gondorian HelmSkulkmire's MossExpert
Strong Gondorian Large ShieldBleakwind's TongueExpert
Strong Gondorian Scale BootsGreen MossExpert
Strong Gondorian Scale HelmSkulkmire's MossExpert
Strong Gondorian Scale LeggingsGrish's TailExpert
Strong Gondorian Shoulder GuardsKhurshat's toothExpert
Strong Gondorian Small ShieldNurzom's TailExpert
Strong Westernesse ArmourDriftmane's fangArtisan
Strong Westernesse BootsWindscreamer's ClawArtisan
Strong Westernesse GlovesSteelmaw's PawArtisan
Strong Westernesse HelmUmling's MandibleArtisan
Strong Westernesse Large ShieldWindscreamer's ClawArtisan
Strong Westernesse LeggingsDriftmane's fangArtisan
Strong Westernesse Shoulder GuardsKhurshat's toothArtisan
Strong Westernesse Small ShieldSteelmaw's PawArtisan


Item NameRare componentTier
Fine Galadrim ArmourColnor's ScaleMaster
Fine Galadrim BootsSagrurz ToothMaster
Fine Galadrim GlovesMaster
Fine Galadrim HelmMaster
Fine Galadrim LeggingsMaster
Fine Galadrim Shoulder GuardsMaster
Fine Hunter's ArmourDriftmane's FangExpert
Fine Hunter's BootsExpert
Fine Hunter's GlovesExpert
Fine Hunter's HelmExpert
Fine Hunter's LeggingsExpert
Fine Hunter's Shoulder GuardsExpert
Loose Explorers Armour Expert
Loose Explorers Boots Expert
Loose Explorers Gloves Expert
Loose Explorers Helm Expert
Loose Explorers Leggings Expert
Loose Explorers Shoulder Guards Expert
Loose Linen ArmourSawtooth's ToothJourneyman
Loose Linen GlovesBlackclaw's ClawJourneyman
Loose Linen LeggingsJourneyman
Loose Linen ShoesTuft of Ironhides furJourneyman
Loose Linen Shoulder GuardsGloom-Gaze's FangJourneyman
Superb Hunter's ArmourDriftmane's fangArtisan
Superb Hunter's BootsWindscreamer's clawArtisan
Superb Hunter's GlovesSteelmaw's PawArtisan
Superb Hunter's HelmKarnasht's toothArtisan
Superb Hunter's LeggingsDriftmane's fangArtisan
Superb Hunter's Shoulder GuardsKarnasht's toothArtisan
Superb Leather Armour Sawtooth's ToothJourneyman
Superb Leather BootsTuft of Ironhides furJourneyman
Superb Leather Gloves Blackclaws's ClawJourneyman
Superb Leather Helm Journeyman
Superb Leather LeggingsWildthorn's BarkJourneyman
Superb Leather Shoulder GuardsGloom-Gaze's FangJourneyman
Superb Outrider ArmourGrish's TailExpert
Superb Outrider BootsExpert
Superb Outrider GlovesExpert
Superb Outrider LeggingsGrish's TailExpert
Superb Outrider's BootsSilverclaw's ClawExpert
Superb Outrider's GlovesKraur's PawExpert
Superb Radiant ArmourMaster
Superb Radiant BootsMaster
Superb Radiant GlovesMaster
Superb Radiant HelmMaster
Superb Radiant LeggingsMaster
Superb Radiant Shoulder GuardsAchathling's mandibleMaster
Superb Scholar's ArmourDriftmane's fangArtisan
Superb Scholar's BootsWindscreamer's clawArtisan
Superb Scholar's GlovesSteelmaw's PawArtisan
Superb Scholar's HatKarnasht's toothArtisan
Superb Scholar's LeggingsDriftmane's fangArtisan
Superb Scholar's Shoulder GuardsKarnasht's toothArtisan
Superb Traveller's ArmourGrish's tailExpert
Superb Traveller's BootsSilverclaw's ClawExpert
Superb Traveller's GlovesKraur's PawExpert
Superb Traveller's GlovesKraur's PawExpert
Superb Traveller's Helm Expert
Superb Traveller's LeggingsGrish's tailExpert
Superb Traveller's ShoulderGreen MossExpert


Item NameRare componentTier
Forged Steel AxeEitor-kalsak's MandibleJourneyman
Forged Steel DaggerBlackclaw's Claw Journeyman
Forged Steel GreatswordAsht's ToothJourneyman
Forged Steel HalberdWildthorn's BarkJourneyman
Forged Steel Headsman's AxeAsht's ToothJourneyman
Forged Steel MaceWildthorn's BarkJourneyman
Forged Steel SwordSawtooth's Tooth Journeyman
Polished Ancient Steel AxeSnowback's Claw
Polished Ancient Steel DaggerSagrurz's Tooth
Polished Ancient Steel GreatswordColnor's Scale
Polished Ancient Steel HalberdGnashmaw's tongue
Polished Ancient Steel Headman's AxeColnor's Scale
Polished Gondorian AxeSkulkmire's MossExpert
Polished Gondorian DaggerKhurshat's ToothExpert
Polished Gondorian GreatswordSilverclaw's ClawExpert
Polished Gondorian HalberdDarkheart's Black HeartExpert
Polished Gondorian Headman's AxeSilverclaw's ClawExpert
Polished Gondorian MaceGrish's TailExpert
Polished Gondorian SwordGrish's TailExpert
Polished Westernesse AxeSteelmaw's PawArtisan
Polished Westernesse DaggerWindscreamer's ClawArtisan
Polished Westernesse GreatswordDriftmane's FangArtisan
Polished Westernesse HalberdKarnasht's ToothArtisan
Polished Westernesse Headman's AxeDriftmane's FangArtisan
Polished Westernesse MaceKarnasht's ToothArtisan
Polished Westernesse SwordKarnasht's ToothArtisan


Item NameRare componentTier
Carved Black Ash CrossbowHoartusk's HornMaster
Carved Black Ash HammerColnor's Scale
Carved Black Ash SpearSnowback's ClawMaster
Carved Lebrethon BowKarnasht's Tooth
Carved Lebrethon CrossbowKarnasht's Tooth
Carved Lebrethon HammerSteelmaw's Paw
Carved Lebrethon SpearWindscreamer's Claw
Carved Lebrethon StaffDriftmane's Fang
Carved Yew BowDarkheart's Black Heart
Carved Yew CrossbowDarkheart's Black Heart
Carved Yew HammerSilverclaw's Claw
Carved Yew SpearKhurshat's Tooth
Carved Yew StaffDarkheart's Black Heart
Smooth Ash BowWildthorn's Bark
Smooth Ash CrossbowWildthorn's Bark
Smooth Ash HammerSawtooth's Tooth
Smooth Ash SpearBlackclaw's Claw
Smooth Ash StaffWildthorn's Bark

Lotro Crafting Mastery Items

List of Dropped Items Used by Crafters: Keep a print out of this list when you are hunting, so you can help out the rest of the crafting community.

Mastery items are used to increase chance of a critical success through the Mastery Option.
To use a mastery item you need to have completed both the Proficiency and the Mastery or the given teir of the item you wish to create.

Info gathered by Sirturtle and the USA LOTRO Beta Community.

Mastery ItemProfessionRegionSpeciesArea
Blackened Barghest EarWeaponsmithBreelandsBarghestsBarrow-downs
Blackened Crawler Egg SacScholarBreelandsWormsBarrow-downs
Blackened Huorn HeartwoodWoodworkerBreelandsHuornsOld Forrest
Blackened Huorn RootMetalsmithBreelandsHuornsOld Forrest
Blackened Spider EyeScholarBreelandsSpidersChetwood, North of Kheledul
Blackened Wight SkullScholarErud Liun , Breelands, LonelandsWightsRuins north of Kheledul, Barrow-downs
Clean Barghest TailMetalsmith, TailorBreelands BarghestsBarrow-downs
Clean Drake TailTailorNorth DownsDrakesNear Angmar Zone
Decrepit Wight SkullMetalsmith, ScholarLonelands WightsEast of Ost Guroth
Diminutive Wight Barrow TreasureJewellerBreelandsWights (>L18)Barrow-downs
Dirty Bat ClawMetalsmith, TailorBreelands, Erud LuinBatsOld Forest, Erud Luin
Dirty Hendroval TalonWoodworkerErud Luin HendrovalsNorth of Kheledul
Dirty Neekerbreeker EyeScholar, WeaponsmithShire, BreelandsNeekerbreekerMidgewater Marsh
Dirty Neekerbreeker WingWoodworkerShire, BreelandsNeekerbreekersMidgewater Marsh
Dirty Shrew ClawMetalsmith, Tailor , WoodworkerShireShrews 
Dirty Spider EyeScholarBreelands , Erud LuinSpidersNorth of Kheledul, Midgewater Marsh, Chetwood
Dirty Toad EyeScholarShire, BreelandsSilver-River ToadAround Bywater and Frogmorten, Buckland Bridge
Dusky Huorn HeartwoodWoodworkerBreelandsuornsBarrow-downs, Old Forrest
Dusky Huorn RootTailorBreelands HuornsBurrow Downs, Old Forrest
Dusky Lynx ClawJeweller, Metalsmith, WeaponsmithLonelandsLynxesEast of Forsaken Inn
Extremely Sharp Cave Claw ClawWoodworkerTrollshawsCave Claws East of Bridge
Flawed Huorn HeartwoodScholar, WoodworkerLonelands HuornsAgamaur
Flawed Warg EarScholarNorth DownsWargsNear The Snares and Fornost
Grey Wolf EarMetalsmithTrollshaws Wolves 
Huge Drake TailJeweller, Tailor unknown 
Huge Wight Barrow TreasureJewellerTrollshaws Wights (Level 38-40) 
Huge Worm EyeTailorTrollshaws WormsNorthern Trollshaw
Jagged Auroch Horn???North DownsAurochsAurochs West of Estildan
Jagged Bear ClawWeaponsmithNorth DownsBearsFornost Bears & west of ranger camp by dwarven town in North Downs
Large Warg TailMetalsmith, TailorLonelands, North DownsWargsLonelands - West of Ost Guruth and North Downs - Field of Fornost
Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed ClawJeweller, Tailor, WeaponsmithAngmarTurtlesNorth of the Human Village
Orthodox Wight Barrow TreasureJewellerBreelands, Lonelands Wights (Level 18+) Barrow-downs, Easo of Ost Guroth
Scarred Huorn HeartwoodWoodworkerLonelands HuornsGarth Agarwen, Angmaur
Scarred Spider EyeScholarAngmarSpider Nan Amlug East just south of the Western Ram Duath pass
Scarred Worm EyesScholarNorth Downs, AngmarWormsFornost, Western Ram Duath
Secrets of FortificationMetalsmith  unknown 
Sharp Auroch TailWeaponsmithNorth DownsAurochsFornost and East of Esteldin
Shimmering Wight Barrow TreasureJewellerLonelands WightsSwamp SE of Ost Guroth
Small Wight Barrow TreasureJewellerErud LuinWightsRuins North of Kheledul
Very Sharp Auroch TailTailorTrollshaws Aurochs 
Very Sharp Bear ClawWoodworkerTrollshaws BearsNorth of Ranger Outpost
Very Sharp Lynx ClawWeaponsmithTrollshaws Misty Mountain Lynx 


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